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Life and business are ultimately about relationships, who you know and who knows you – isn’t it time to stand out from the crowd and leverage your connectivity?!

I will share my personal experience & expertise to enable you to build an influential network which will make your life more successful, fulfilling and rewarding. Networking is a behavior and you must be prepared and willing to change, do things differently, try new tactics and most importantly be open to reach outside your comfort zone.

The Processs - 12 months

Pre-Assessment: You will complete & submit our Network360™ assessment which encompasses a summary of your current networking activities, social media presence, professional/civic involvements, objectives, challenges, strengths & weaknesses

Assessment:  After reviewing you Network360™, we will discuss and explore your current networking efforts/activities, sphere of influence, desired outcomes, challenges and

We will agree upon your PNP (Personal Networking Plan) for the next 12 months. The PNP will possess areas of focus, timelines, goals, new initiatives, activity changes and accountability.

Quarterly Review:  Each Quarter we will measure your progression in term of attaining milestones and networking goals. We will review your achievements along your PNP, making adjustments as necessary, adding new elements, removing ineffective tactics and implementing changes as warranted.

Ongoing:  I am available for questions, suggestions, feedback and problem solving along the journey.


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Networking Mindset Follow Up System Community Profile
Goals & Accountability Referral Network Social Media Footprint

My commitment to YOU:
· Enhance your networking success
· Rapidly expand the size, scope and effectiveness of your network
· Raise your profile & recognition within your community
· Make your personal, professional & philanthropic endeavors easier and more successful
· Leverage my personal network via connections and introductions

Your commitment to ME and to YOURSELF
Listen, change, do things differently, improve weaknesses, accentuate strengths, invest the needed time and resources, enjoy the process and focus on helping others

Email: Phone: (615) 319.9393

Individual & Corporate
Programs Available

The Coach – Adam Small,  Network Catalyst™

My Experience:
· Trained over 10,000 professionals on networking skills/tactics
· Facilitated more than 1,200 networking events
· Conducted 100+ workshops on social media strategies
· Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Catalyst
· Created Strategic Business Network in 2004 - expanded into 12 markets, facilitated over 1,000,000 connections
· Established largest networking community serving TN, KY and AL
· LinkedIn

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