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I was very impressed with SBN and the mix of attendees. I look forward to more networking events with your company.

— Kacy Van Atta, WKRN-TV/News2

The Strategic Business Network event in Green Hills was a huge success for me and my business. I made a lot of awesome contacts, but most importantly landed 4 new customers during that one session. I can’t wait to visit events in other locations as well.

-Gerald Branim First Class Color

I attended my first SBN networking event and was impressed by the caliber of attendees. In fact, a new contact I met has become a $150,000 client. What a return on my small investment! I would strongly recommend professionals in any industry to take advantage of SBN's opportunities.

— Darren Metz President, NovaCopy, Inc.

There was an effective group here today and I am glad I came this morning. I met ten new people that may be able to help me with my business.

— CPA with 10+ years’ experience

Great concept, unexpectedly rewarding experience!

—Technical Writing Professional with 16+ years’ experience

I really LOVED your event. It far exceeded my expectations:) Will be your "poster child"! Have called several folks and said DO IT! ! ! !

— Tonya J. Mark IV Enterprises, Inc.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for putting on such a wonderful event last night. I was in such a rush leaving, I didn't have time to say thanks in person. I personally benefited greatly from the evening. I believe I received around 20 cards, and have already been contacted by four who want to sit down to discuss different aspects of their financial plans. It far exceeded my expectations.

— Amanda L. Financial Services Representative for MetLife

A great experience. You can't beat one on one, personal interaction. I really enjoyed it.

—Shawn S., The City Paper

I was a little skeptical coming in but 'blown away' by the results. One major contact with respect to a company I would like to work with.

— Bill B. Vanderbilt Medical Center

Jake and Adam provided a terrific overview of Social media to key Regional Leaders of our organization. Their information helped jumpstart our cultural transformation to one that focuses on the online world. After they finished with their presentation, we were all convinced. I would highly recommend them!

- Jonathan Ruchman Regional Marketing Manager, Allstate Insurance Company

This was an excellent resource to meet folks.

— Nancy M. Aquent

Let me compliment you and your staff on such a professional, effective, impactful event. I appreciate all of the details that you so obviously work out to allow professionals to network in a timely, organized manner.

— Joan N. AmeriSciences

I've had the pleasure of attending several Strategic Business Network events and have no hesitation whatsoever recommending them. For every busy person who knows that networking is critical yet worries about wasting the time with ordinary networking efforts, Strategic Business Network events are not to be missed. An SBN event starts on time, ends on time, and squeezes out the maximum interpersonal communication value possible in between. Adam Small and his organization deliver up networking on steroids.

— Todd S.

Networking is painful for me— I am shy about meeting new people. But, QuikConnect was relaxed and fun!

— Art Director with 10 years’ experience

It is amazing how investing such a little bit of time in something can bring such great results. After attending just two of SBN's I became confident and comfortable enough with networking to walk into any event and meet anyone. Networking has already opened up several new business relationships for me. SBN turned me from a complete network-phobe into a total network-fan.

— Mary S. Management Solutions Group

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